Maine Maritime Museum


Name Year of Birth Birthplace Residence Citizenship
Smith , Wm.
Smith , Wm.
Smith , Wm.
Smith, Wm.
Smith, Wm.
Smith, Wm.
Smith, Wm.
Smith, Wm.
Smith, Wm.
Smith, Wm. E.
Smith, Wm. H.
Smott, J O
Smyth, James
Snaden, Almas
Snaden, Amani
Snaden, Frank
Snedker, G.
Snider, Charles
Snow, Albert E.
Snow, Charles M.
Snow, E. O.
Snow, Giles
Snow, Howard D.
Snow, William
Snowden, Frank
Snyder, G.
Soares, Manuel
Soben, Deck 1844 New York, USA
Sochard, Constentin
Soderlund, E.
Sodsberg, F.
Soerstrom, August
Soes, John
Soitsen, Jack
Sojen, H. B.
Solenson, G.
Solomon, Thomas 1855 St. Martin
Somers, A. H.
Somers, Enich 1830 USA
Somers, F.
Somers, Henry
Somervill, William
Somey, M.
Sommens, Henry
Sommers, Wm.
Sommerville , Wm. B.
Soney, Matt
Soonblank, Carl 1842 Norway
Sooplin, Karl 1859 Finland
Sordenman, A.
Sorensen, A.
Sorensen, A.
Sorensen, A.
Sorensen, A. O.
Sorensen, Alfred
Sorensen, C.
Sorensen , J.
Sorensen, O.
Sorenson, A. O.
Sorenson, Richard
Sorman, Jos.
Sorren, A.
Sorrensen , Antor
Sorrenson, G.
Soule, A. T.
Soule, Alpheus T.
Soule, Edwin S.
Soule, Thomas
Southeland, Arther
Southerlan, Frank
Southerland, Clifford
Southerman , H. A.
Southerman, John
Sovhon, O.
Sow, Lutwig
Sowesby, John
Spaniel, T. C.
Spark, J. C.
Spark, William
Sparks, J.C.
Spaulding, N.
Spawlee, John
Speakman, Thos.
Spear, B E
Spear, B Elsworth
Spear, M. A.
Spence, Alex
Spence, Edw. 1838 England San Francisco , CA - USA Great Britain
Spencer, G. A.
Spencer, Harry
Spencer, Henry
Spencer, John C.
Spencer, Thos.
Speverie , Amos
Sphus, S. W.
Spicer, Edmund
Spilhoust, Henry
Spillan , John
Spillbate, Thomas

The information given in this database is entered here as it is on the document or documents in the Maine Maritime Museum collections. The spelling of the mariner’s name may be wrong, the arithmetic may be wrong, and some descriptions may be thoughtless or not politically correct, but they are shown as found. We have attempted to standardize the names and descriptions of vessels and the spelling of place names. We have tried to include in notes fields important information that does not fit in the standard fields.