Maine Maritime Museum


Name Year of Birth Birthplace Residence Citizenship
Thompson, Thos.
Thompson, W.
Thompson, William
Thompson , William
Thompson, William N.
Thompson , Wm.
Thompson, Wm.
Thomsen, D.
Thomsen, H.
Thomsen, Thomas 1841 Prussia, Prussia
Thomson, A. B.
Thomson, C.
Thomson, C.
Thomson, F. W.
Thomson, H.
Thomson, John
Thomson, Robert C. 1850 USA
Thomson, Thos.
Thomson, Thos.
Thomson, Tinsh
Thomsson, Wm.
Thonson, C. P.
Thor, Harry
Thorbensen, R.
Thordsen, M.
Thorn, N.
Thorn, P.
Thorner, Wm.
Thornton, Frank
Thornton, James 1851 Londonderry, Ireland
Thorpe, Alfred C.
Thorpe, H. 1858 Philadelphia, PA - USA San Francisco , CA - USA USA
Thorpe, W. S.
Thorsan , M.
Thorsen, August
Thorsen, Fred
Thorsen , G.
Thorsen, T.
Throusen, S.
Thunsley, Fred
Thyart, Bernaice 1872 Sweden
Thyscome, Ed
Tibbets, William
Tibbetts, Artemas West Southport, ME - USA USA
Tibbetts, R. H.
Tibbotts, Wm. L.
Tiechgraber, C.
Tiernay, Pat K.
Tierney, John
Tiggalkamp, Henricl
Tiharato, John
Timaner, Chas.
Timmons, A.
Timmons, Thomas USA
Tinch, A.
Tindall, E.
Tinholm, E.
Titcomb, Benjamin
Titus, Clarence
Titus, John 1856 Nova Scotia
Tivey, Benard
Toahey , P. M.
Tobb, Peter
Toben, Dick 1844 New York, USA
Tobiasen, Andrew
Tobiesen, Niels
Tobin , John
Tobin, Martin
Tobin , Richard
Tobin, Stephin
Toby, Charles T. USA
Todd, Alfred
Todd, G. W.
Todd, J. W.
Todd, Samuel
Todd, Will Calais, ME - USA
Tolepsen, M.
Tolerna, Bendent
Tollefesen, Ole
Tollefeson, Johannes
Tommarone, Tom
Tonison, Karl
Tonner, Thomas
Tonnson, William A.
Tonquist, E.
Tonsenen, W. H.
Toole, Michael
Torad, A.
Torbert, A. C.
Torenson, A.
Torey, Urrey
Torgehear, Andras
Torgensen, A.
Torgorsen, Sam. Norway
Torni, Peter
Torrensen, T.
Torresen, Aron
Torresen, Tonner
Torry, Mark
Torry, Stedman

The information given in this database is entered here as it is on the document or documents in the Maine Maritime Museum collections. The spelling of the mariner’s name may be wrong, the arithmetic may be wrong, and some descriptions may be thoughtless or not politically correct, but they are shown as found. We have attempted to standardize the names and descriptions of vessels and the spelling of place names. We have tried to include in notes fields important information that does not fit in the standard fields.