Maine Maritime Museum


Name Year of Birth Birthplace Residence Citizenship
Torsen, T.
Toss, Louis
Tostensen, J.
Totman, Joseph S 1804 Bath, ME - USA USA
Totty, John 1822 Prussia, Prussia
Toumey, Daniel
Toura, Georgius
Towens , Thos.
Tower, Charles
Towls, J.
Townrow , C.
Towns, Thos.
Townsend, Joseph 1844 New York, USA
Townsend, W
Toy, Singo
Traacy , John
Tracey , John
Tracey, John
Tracy , John
Tracy, John
Tracy, Puston
Tracy, William 1833 Boston, MA - USA
Trafton, Elmer C. 1863 USA
Traham, T.
Trahon, George Yarmouth, Nova Scotia
Trainer, James
Trainer, James
Tranke, K. O. 1879 Sweden
Trask, John
Trask, L. M.
Trask, Oba
Travers, J.
Traynor, John
Treacy, Thomas
Treat, James
Tredwell, Charles
Treegall, John
Tremaine, Benjamin 1849 Massachusetts, USA
Tremann, H.
Trendle, Thomas
Trider, Winslow
Trin, Newman
Trion, T.
Trohnun, William 1851
Troper, W. M.
Trotter, T.
Trufant, William H
Trus, O.
Truso, James W 1847 Delaware, DE - USA
Truste , E.
Trvey, Bernard
Trygg, A.
Ttropo, Thos.
Tucher, Wm
Tuck, Mathew 1820
Tucker, Edward 1842 China
Tucker, Edwin
Tucker, John 1849 China
Tucker, Patrick
Tucker, Richard
Tucker, Samuel 1857 London, England Great Britain
Tucker, William 1840 New York, USA
Tugglegate, William
Tughent, J. H.
Tugvalen, A. N.
Tuicer, Jas.
Tuli, Roger
Tuller, J.
Tuller, L.
Tulloch, J. B. 1824
Tumsen, W.
Tungesan, John 1845 New York, USA
Tunner, John
Tupper, W. H.
Turkhat, W.
Turnbull, G.
Turnbull, Thomas
Turner, Alfred
Turner, Charles
Turner, Charles 1851 England
Turner, G. G.
Turner, George
Turner, John
Turner, Robert
Turner, W. G.
Turner, Wiliam
Turtees, Thomas
Twain, Edward
Twart, P. A.
Tweed, Dan
Tyler, George
Tymes, David
Tymoon, John
Tyner, Michael
Tyrrill, John
Ukl, Edward
Ulhelm, Peter
Ullstrim, Carl
Ulseth, F. 1857
Underwood, Howard

The information given in this database is entered here as it is on the document or documents in the Maine Maritime Museum collections. The spelling of the mariner’s name may be wrong, the arithmetic may be wrong, and some descriptions may be thoughtless or not politically correct, but they are shown as found. We have attempted to standardize the names and descriptions of vessels and the spelling of place names. We have tried to include in notes fields important information that does not fit in the standard fields.